E-poster uploader

Here you can upload your e-poster. The image of your e-poster will be available on FullHD LCD (resolution: 1080x1920 px) monitors during the conference.

Parameters of acceptable images are:

  • image type: jpg or png
  • image orientation: portrait
  • aspect ratio: 9:16
  • minimum resolution: 1080x1920 pixels or its proportional multiple
  • maximum file size: 10 MB

The e-poster image can contains more images and texts. You can see completed e-posters for example by clicking this link.

You can prepare your e-poster image by using picture editor software (for example: Photoshop, Gimp, etc.) or even with Microsoft PowerPoint.

If you would like to make your image in PowerPoint please download this template.

Edit your slide into the downloaded template.
Minimum font size is 10.
If you are ready please save the slide to png or jpg format.

Please note that we accept only one slide/image per presentation.

Steps of uploading:

  1. type the e-mail address you submitted your abstract with
  2. select your presentation
  3. choose the image file from your computer
  4. upload it

You can modify the uploaded image anytime. To do this go to step 1. and repeat the uploading process.


Should you have any questions contact with us at: attila.lukacs@kmcongress.com